(July 14th, 2004)

Scans of the article

All the newspaper is ok to say that The Cure renew with passion and well-done work.

R.S : "The difference is for a great part in the media. For years, we were confined in the specialized newspapers and suddenly, some reporters
from popular newspapers are interrested in us again. It's a snowball effect. I try not to think too much about that because I don't think that "The Cure" is a special album. In fact, saying we're back is to deny the existence of our last albums. I don't have the feeling we have vanished or have missed my objectives during the 90's. By example, "Bloodflowers" was the only Cure album to have been nominated for the Grammy awards. It's not like we haven't done anything good since the 80's. It's a cycle. Today we're back in the front page. I'm not complaining about that, it brings the attention back on the band.

You don't wanna praise that album to the skies ?

I refuse to think that it's the only good thing we made for the past 10 years. We can't compare our albums between itselves. "Bloodflowers" was
almost a solo album in wich I was trying to deal with about forty. This time, for "The Cure" we came back to a band work. We played together in
a small room, we recorded in the same place, day after day, without focusing on the result. I think that sometimes the person who listens can
imagine being with us in the studio. The great difference comes from the band. There's an intensity we didn't have for a long time. It doesn't
make (the cure) a better album but a different album. More coherent maybe.

It opens on this sentence : "I can't find myself".

This sentence was inspired to me by The view from nowhere, a book from Thomas Nagel. The search for oneself, the search of our own essence,
it's an old philosophical question. What made me the man I'm today and how does this man look like for other's eyes ? Before we began this
album, we had a long discussion with the band. We had to know if we wanted a new album and how we wanted it looks like. We spoke about a lot
of things but, quickly, the discussion ended up on the change notion. Each said to the others how he was changed in 30 years. I met Simon when
I was 15 and said to him how he was changed. He said to me that I wasn't looking like the little Robert he met in the past. We're often looking
back on our adolescence but when we're adults, we don't  take the time to point out the situation. It was very interresting. What made me
change ? I don't know. That's the reason why the album opens on "I can't find myself". I wrote this sentence when I was around 45. It's an import
theme on the album.

In LOST, you're talking about a boy "so happy and so young". Who's this boy ?

It's me... I wrote those words in my office. On the wall, there's a picture of Myself when I was 12. I was looking at the pic for a long time, trying to remember my state of mind in that moment. I physically recognize me but can't figure out the child I was. It looks like I'm very happy on the pic but can't especially remember that moment. The unpleasant feeling of the time going by is a recurrent them for The Cure. I like to say I'm changing. It would be really more unpleasant to confess I'm getting older.

But does happiness goes together only with youth ? Adult seems to be a sentenced person for you ?

It's a little bit right. Even if as a child or teenager we can be very unhappy too. It's notably what "TEOTW" is talking about. A little event
arises and makes your world fall apart. By the same time, youth goes together with innocence. It's close to a invulnerability feeling, freedom where
nothing can affraid you. It's a feeling impossible to find back when we grow older because we must became responsible. I don't have children. I
can keep a good part of irresponsability in my life and that makes me sometimes happy. In this album, "Anniversary" talks about how the times
goes by. When you're a child, each birthday is a celebration. It's different when you grow older. Each years brings you closer of death. Adult is not necessary someone sad but at least less happy because he lost this feeling of complete self abnegation.

Is it the reason why the cover art is a child drawing ?

Yes. I wanted to remember with wich intensity I was burying in my drawings. Whatever the result, often rough, of a child's drawing, his creation is intense. It's this vision of happiness I wanted to give through this drawing. This simple happiness to completely fall in creation. It's still this feeling that makes me happy today as an artist.

Drawing or music, objective is the same ?

Yes. it's to blossom. But I think it's true, even for drawing too, that music's power fades when people are getting older. Today, music is everywhere in the shops, video games, television. It has the tendency to became a backdrop. I completely refuse that. When I'm listening to music at home, it stays an intense and privilegied moment during wich I'm not doing anything else. That's the reason why I'm still doing this job today, because it represents still a lot of things for me.

Have you finally understood why people made you an Icon ?

Not really. I think they felt concerned by the words of some songs. As I'm the singer and that my look was easy to copy, they choose me. I
sometimes wonder what would they have done if I had been blonde with a moustache. Would they have copy this look too ? It makes me smile. I try to not think too much to that phenomenon because according to me it doesn't turn around my own person but well around what The Cure reached to represent with the passing years.


(Thanks to Alexandre for translating and typing it all up)