The Dream Tour

April 11th, 2000 - Vienna, Austria (Libro Music Hall)

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, The Loudest Sound, Shake Dog Shake, Last Day of Summer, Maybe Someday, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Sinking, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, End, 39, Bloodflowers

1st Encore: There Is No If, Trust, Plainsong, Disintegration
2nd Encore: M, Play For Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest.

Soundcheck: Pictures of You?, Just Like Heaven, Sinking, Watching Me Fall, Where The Birds Always Sing and then some Guitar noises from Perry. (Robert wasn't there for any of the songs, the other 4 did it on their own)

Photos (on Cave of Black Ghosts)

Show was 2 hours & 38 minutes

(Thanks Jörg)

Review by Altero

I'm still so shocked by the concert two days ago! It was just as brilliant as a concert might get!!!

I liked the idea of playing an almost sold out small venue rather than playing Stadthalle which last time they were
there was half empty! I got there with my girlfriend at around seven. We got in and believe me or not, my girlfriend
even managed to get in her camera. Don't ask me, I don't know. I don't even want to know where she had hidden
it. Anyway, sometimes the end justifies the means and the pictures I could take will definitely prove this!
        The stage was rather unspectacular, nothing like the WMS circus tent or any giant light show as during Wish
era. Nevertheless, it just felt right. The lights were very gloomy, beautiful, in one word :"very Cure-ish".
        I loved the intro which reminded me of Franz Liszt's coronation mass. Amazing. The crowd was in a very good
mood. I have never seen such an "active"Cure-audience when it comes to singing. I was pretty much in the from,
I'd say like 6 metres from the stage (centre that is). I can't really remember the exact set they played, but it was
very good stuff. The whole show took 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is probably the longest concert I have ever
been to in my whole life! Also, they played rather harder, heavier stuff (no Friday, Let's Go to Bed, etc...). The
poppiest tune they played was probably Just Like Heaven, but this issue might be object for discussion.
        Great moments? Rob being generally in a good mood. I think they really seemed enjoying the concert.
Robert forgot the words for Disintegration at a moment, but I can't remember which verse it was. He sat down
during the song and looked like a little child sitting on the floor playing (no, at this time I didn't have any pictures
left). He did a great "rain" during Prayer For.... However, he seemed to have some problems with his ears. At
least, he was holding it several times during the concert. Oh yes, and the first thing I noticed when they entered
was the fact that he had become really-really fatter, LOL! You could tell it when he wasn't holding the guitar.
Huge fun: the very-very glam rock-looking guitar of Perry (the white glitter one)! I think he used it twice. A Forest
was played perfectly enough to close the show. I also liked Open which was played with the "tape" intro from
Show. Most beautiful song? Probably The Loudest Sound. Worst one? Probably End. Most surprising moment?
"M". I had no idea they would play this! It was brilliant!!! He said something like: "we havent't done this one so
often,so..." before the started. I could go on for hours!!!

P.S.: the new shirts are top! Especially the tight ones (there are for men and for women as well).

Review by Dora

In the Libro Music Hall in Vienna the atmosphere was very friendly. At 7:30pm the hall began to fill up. We ate
a gyros and drank a glass of beer and just looked for a good place near the stage. About 8pm the crowd began to
cry and at 8:15pm the lights turned  off  and they came on stage. Robert said: HELLO, and I realized the
show was beginning. They started with Out of this world:  impressive, nice song, but not the most perfect one of
the night. Simon looked very serious or tired? Then Watching me fall was very intensive, the crowd became wild
at the very beginning of the show. The loudest sound was very tender, wonderful. Want: I was so happy, that I
could hear this song again.100years: One of the best songs of the night. Very powerful. The edge of the deep
green sea: very very powerful again, brilliant. Prayers for rain: raaaaiiiin-version, Robert’s voice  became
fantastic. Sinking: I liked the project pictures in the background. Trust: very touching, I felt like crying. There
is no if: it was so sweet. Plainsong: Robert came up to us and smiled and smiled…Yeah!!! Bloodflowers: one of
my favourite song, great. In the 2nd encore: M, Play for today: I  just couldn’t believe it, the crowd was amazing,
dancing and singing along, the atmosphere was wonderful. A forest finished the encore, Robert and Simon did
a great job, it was brilliant, the crowd became mad. Then it was over, the lights were turned on. I was so
disappointed. I was waiting for the 3rd encore for them to play : Faith, but it was really the end. Anyway it was a
perfect, incredible night like a dream. I  just don’t  want to wake up!!!

Review by Jörg

after the munich concert i expected only a normal "static" setlist.

the libro hall is normaly a exhibition hall, there are no seating areas, only to stand, and to dance. some american
fans we met, said its totally different to them, because there are no seats anywhere.

but back to the concert. the hall was almost full, and at 20:15 the cure started with out of this world. i have to say in
general the mixing on this day was almost perfect. i heard al the instruments loud and clearly, but sometimes
roberts gituar should be a bit mor e louder...

out of this world - maybe someday:  played very well, and the crowd got very fast in the mood and danced. simon
was looking a little bit aggresiv tonight, he only smiled one time
from the edge of the deep green sea: it was a fantastic version, the best one i heard on this tour so far ( stuttgart,
munich) .. at the line "..put your hands in the air" the first 25 rows put their hand in the air.. and robert began to
smile and sung "yeah...YEAH" simon was jumping over the stage...robert smiled and danced.
sinking-shake dog shake: the crowd was dancing very much , and shake was so powerful
end:roger left the stage, don´t know why. and now i know what on this song is strange for me: the sample they
played. robert singing: " stop loving me, loving me, i am none of these things"
39 : rodger left the stage for some minutes and came back to his finishing part... don´t know why ???

after the static set the crowd went crazy
there is no if: normally i don´t like the drumbeat-sample which is playing, but at the second half of this song, the
crowd begun clapping and robert just smiled
trust: this version was so intensiv and wonderful, just to dream
plainsong: robert walking on stage looking in the crowd and he smiled so much....
disintegration: robert had problems with his effect pedals on the beginning.. he was on his knee trying something
out which didn´t work at the beginning, but he looked in the crowd and just smiled....

2nd encore: i thought i was dreaming... this was a crowd as its best.
M... the first 20 rows were dancing, shaking and they all just smiled... except simon
play for today... again so much dancing, we all sung the keyboard lines just like the "paris" version
just like heaven: again playd very fine, mixing was superb. first he sang "yooooooooouuuuuuu" then "you you
you" he just smiled again, and was only smiling
a forest: at the beginnig they clapped their hands... robert smiled...played very powerful it was just wonderfull...
the ending was a very long "duel" between robert and simon... i had the feeling robert wanted simon to start again,
but he just ended it, went from stage robert was dancing as he left the stage , waving and only said "thank you"

after 5 minutes of shouting for more, the lights went on.... i was so disappointed , because this was their best
concert of this tour , that i have seen. played so good, the crowd was so fantastic...

after the show i talked to some guys from the radio station fm4, and he told me, that they have recorded the whole
show, and if the cure gave the rights to, they will broadcast the whole concerts within the next 3 weeks. just like
1998 the show from the forestglade.

but i will tell you the details about that. i think this was the best concert so far i have seen, not for the setlist, but
for the crowd and the whole atmosphere.

this was my first review after 2.5 hours of sleep, i am sorry for my typing,...

i hope to see them in strasbourg.....