The Dream Tour

April 16th, 2000 - Berlin, Germany (Arena)

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, The Loudest Sound, The Snakepit, Maybe Someday, Shake Dog Shake, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Siamese Twins, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, End, 39, Bloodflowers

1st Encore: There Is No If, Trust, Plainsong, Disintegration
2nd Encore: M, Play For Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest
3rd Encore: Faith (8 minutes w/ extra lyrics).

Show was 2 hours & 50 minutes

(Thanks to Simon for the setlist and to Sabine,
Jim & Suze for the photo)

Review at MUCKE UND MEHR Online Magazine

Review by Sven

After the rather low gig in Stuttgart, I didn´t expect a lot from the Berlin show. Therefore I was really amazed
about Berlin, as it was great. The venue was located at a River in East Berlin . From the outside the location was
nice. The venue inside was a catastrophe. Low ceilings, bad air, bad sound, quite dirty.....but it didn´t matter, as
the gig was really nice.
The band performed brilliantly, Robert was in a good mood and the audience was very nice, much better than in
Stuttgart. Highlights for me were Snakepit, Siamese twins and A Forest, where the crowd got mad. Faith was nice
as well, although the extralyrics were just 4 words nobody was able to understand:-) So, after the gig everybody
was happy. And that´s how it should be after a great gig like this. I hope that Hamburg (Heimspiel!) will be as
good as this gig.

Review by Claudio

This was my forth Cure concert and I must say, the most touching. I  was very curious of how it would be to watch
a cure concert in Berlin. Well, they(berliners) did pretty well, I should say. The place was pretty crowded, and
people were really in the mood. I think I was one of the few that weren’t wearing black.Now talking about the
cure, well, they are really wonderful alive. My goodness, how they played wonderfully. And every song had a
different  arrangement. Heavier, it had more colour.
Everything was brilliant, the lights, the screen and the movies on it, the crowd, the songs. For me Plainsong was
the best one. M was amazing also. Well, I would cite almost every song anyway! So, that was it, a wonderful cure
concert in a dream tour.

Review by Christoph

I don`t like mondays- and I don`t like the day after my last Cure-tourconcert. But it was one of the best! After a
sunny sightseeing-day in Berlin, we went to the Arena. And we were very shocked. The hall was so small, has no
seats and the air inside was so bad. In former times, the hall was a busstation! I think it`s not the best place for a
concert! But for the fans were it illegal, they were only hot, hot, hot! After the beautiful slow intro the band came
on stage and began the set with "Out of this world". The first highlight of the show was "Snakepit".
During the song, Robert played a melody with a Flute.  It`s sound likes a voodoo-session. This was very crazy!
On "Edge of the deep green sea", all the fans "...put their hands in the sky...". Robert was so surprised that the
whole!  audience made this, that he said during the song short "Great!". My other highlights of the mainset were
"Shake dog shake", the wonderful "Siamese Twin", "Prayers for Rain" and the last song "Bloodflowers". The
light- and videoshow was perfect. Wonderful were this on the song "100 Years". Many black and white animate
pictures you could see.

At the first encore they played some wonderful slow songs; "There is no if...", "Trust" and an amazing
"Plainsong". At the begin of the song, Robert went along in front of the stage. And the fans raving with their hands
and cried to Robert. The end was an extrem version of "Disintegration". The secound encore began with the old
and fantastic song "M". After this came the songs "Play for today" and "Just like heaven". The fans were so
hot! They sang and jumped all the time and Robert was very happy and smiled. A nice and long version of "A
Forest" was the end of the encore. The fans cried and clap with their hands.... and some minutes later, the Cure
came back for the last song "Faith". They played this with so many emotion and devotion- it was the perfect end
for a very fantastic and wonderful concert. Unfortunately, it was my last concert on this tour. But every concert
was a dream on this "Dreamlandtour". Thank you, THE CURE!!

P.S. Thanks for the beautiful Berlin-day; Gabi, Udo and a big kiss on my girlfriend Suse!

Comments by Erik

Last night was a great concert. I enjoyed it very much. They played really good, even the girl on the mixers
danced! The setlist was good, highlights for me were the snakepit, from the edge..., siamese twins and all the
encores.  Especially A Forest, great guitar work from robert here! Faith got an extra sample, which sounds nice.
can't write more right now... all in all it was a great concert. Let's see what will happen tonight in Hamburg.