The Dream Tour

April 26th, 2000 - Paris, France (Le Zenith)

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., A Strange Day, Last Day of Summer, Pictures of You, Where The Birds Always Sing,  The Kiss, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Sinking, 100 Years, Shiver & Shake, End, 39, Bloodflowers

1st encore : All Cats Are Grey, The Drowning Man, Faith
2nd encore : M, Play for Today, A Forest
3rd encore : Just Like Heaven, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab.

Soundcheck: Where The Birds Always Sing, Pictures of You, Shiver And Shake, All Cats Are Grey, 10:15 Saturday
Night, Killing An Arab, Drowning Man ( only the Drum Part for a few Seconds ), Like Cockatoos, Out Of This

Show was about 2 hours & 45 minutes

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(Thanks Pierre, Julien, Simon, Dominique, Bram, Ange)

Comments by Yan

Well, again a great concert (less powerfull). I was in front of Perry during the show and the audience was again
great but not hot like yesterday. The version of " All Cats Are Grey " was bizzare on the start and during this
song, Robert came to see ,on the left and on the right of the scene, the audience. The last encore was so good.
A great moment. Vive les concerts de The Cure en France et à Paris ! See them now in Strasbourg.

Review by Martin & Karen

This is Karen (30 cure gigs!) and Martin (20!) and here are our comments on the last three gigs.

We agree with some of the comments on the Wembley show - it seemed a bit flat and lifeless, particularly the
audience. Although a middle-aged couple stood next to us seemed to be getting into it.

The venue is rubbish! It always has been, and you can't take drinks into the arena, hence a day in the pub is
needed. But you lose the momentum!

As for the set, Karen liked it cos they played some faves (Open, Faith, Want, Edge of, M), and the band are in
the best form we've heard in 15 years. (Even though Robert was still obviously pissed from the day before - note
befuddled walkabout during Plainsong).

But the set list was a bit tame, and they played A Forest for the millionth time (zzzz, but the light show livens it
up). Maybe the band's popularity in the UK has waned (for shame!). We heard one woman say "The next song
will probably be another new one we don't know". Well buy the album! Why pay £25 for a show that's plugging
a new LP you don't even know! Doh!

Tuesday in Paris was the best we saw (even though we had major hassle from the agency sorting our trip), and
it was Martin's night with Siamese Twins, Cold and Figurehead. The best song EVER was Pornography - this
version was phenomenal and proves that the Cure haven't lost it. This line up is the best yet (although we miss
Porl, bless 'im). The Snakepit is still bollocks, 13 years after it was first aired! The audience was SO much more
into it than in London.

Wednesday was a bit of a come down after Tuesday, but we liked the Faith encore - Cats, Drowning Man - and
they should do more of these themed encores. Although not a Top one, puh-lease. Play For Today was excellent
as it always is in France, and M kicked arse.

It's just a shame that they didn't get to do another encore. Thanks to the French crowd, too. Let's hope they
come back to the UK for a final final show if they really are going to stop touring (although Robert's been saying
this since 1987, you remember).

Comments by Iwan

After the concert, I spoke to one of the people at the PA about the setlist and normaly they were planning to play
a fourth encore the second night ("WRONG NUMBER" featured on the tracklist he showed me...) but
apparently the weren't allowed to go on anymore... (curfew???)

Review by Olivier L.

I was asking for The Kiss & Faith last night.... and it happened : my wish came true!!!

The setlists of the two concerts were very complementary, that's the best way they could do. In my opinion, the
highlights this night were concentrated in the encores.

- A strange day was a very good surprise at this part of the setlist (one of my favorite on Porno).
- The last day of summer & Pictures of you were so emotional. And much more with the camera effect (RS's face
  on the screen) during the shivering "Sinking".
- The kiss : WOOW!!! So loud and intense, one of my wishes.
- Shiver and shake : 2nd excellent surprise, I never heard it live, very powerful!
- Bloodflowers was much better, especially RS's voice : in a word,PERFECT!

1st encore : dreaming atmosphere, closed by a brilliant "Faith".

- M : excellent live song, the crowd started to "leave" the dream of the 1st encore.
And from "Play for today" till "Killing an arab" the crowd turned in a huge indescribable madness !!! The
atmosphere was so amazing, we were not on earth but on the CURE PLANET!!!

I'd really want to thank everyone in the band for their performance & their happiness :
Jason drums intense, Roger keyboards awesome, Simon bass powerful, Perry guitars excellent & Robert voice
& guitars greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, as I sang...

Even if I heard from Robert desire to stop touring (I respect his choice), I would be very pleased to cross their
road for another dream, another day... one last time before it's over, one last time before the end, one last time
before it's time to go again...

Comments by Sven

I just came back from the Paris shows and just wanted to give you a short notice. My real reviews will follow
after theOberhausen personal last one:-(
Well you already got a lot of reviews...these 2 gigs were magic. It´s not possible to describe these shows. After
seeing nearly 50 shows by now (first was Bremen 1987) I must say that these 2 gigs have been the best.
"Pornography" was the best livesong ever for me. The crowd got crazy and Robert looked around to the crowd
not believing the reception...during this song everybody noticed, he is the real master of goth . Forget about the
new modern gothic bands...the cure are back...better, darker, stronger than ever...
Sorry for my enthusiasm....

Review by Herve

I've been in Paris for the two concerts and I' need to write what I' think about them.

Really a dream tour !

What fantastic nights in Paris ! It was simply incredible. These shows have passed as fast as dreams. It was so
perfect that it’s hard to find words enough strong to sum them up. Magic would be the best word, I’ think.

The audience was great, as usual in Paris, but maybe a bit better than in the past. The Zenith was full to explode.

The mood was great.

The first night was dedicated to Pornography, with five songs taken from this album (the first encore is in
everybody’s memory forever). Cold for the first time. The band knows than Paris loves Cold, and this song is
often played here. 100 years is very powerful, as in the best past, and version of Pornography is only unbelievable.

But Cure played so many fantastic songs in Paris on Tuesday and Wednesday, in very very good ways. Sinking,
Snakepit, Shiver and Shake, Disintegration…

The second night was dedicated to the first three albums, with incredible encores (one for Faith, one for
Seventeen Seconds and one nearly for Three Imaginary boys). All Cats are grey, drowning man, M, A forest,
10 :15, Killing an Arab… I’ can’t believe they played all these songs !

The new songs are very great too. Bloodflowers is very loud (so much that the hall trembled with the drums), 39
very powerfull, and the others pretty too (Where the birds always sing for the very first time).

The lights were perfect, with all these images and movies in the back of the stage. The introduction was a great
thing too. The band felt like playing in Paris, and everybody could sense it deeply.

But the dream is over now, and it’s time to back to real lives. But real lives seem pale today…

Review by Nicolas

C’est bien simple, sur les 52 chansons jouées durant ces deux soir, plus des trois quarts n’etaient pas les mêmes!
Cela n’etait pas arrivé depuis longtemps… je me demande d’ailleurs si je genre de chose était d’ailleurs une fois

Quoi qu’il en soit, ce deuxième soir a été une nouvelle fois tres intense, bien que le son m’a semblé un poil moins
bon que la veille… Il me semble que la basse de Simon etait moins electrique. Mais quoi qu’il en soit, cela reste
un tres grand moment de bonheur.

Les morceaux de Fatih, ont été particulièrement réussis. Il me semble aussi que la partie de basse de All Cats
are grey etait différente de l'album...a moins que j'ai révé ?

Et le vrai bonheur a été la fin du concert, 10/15 et Killing an Arab, inédit cette année en concert ! Shiver &
Shake, If only tonight, The Kiss... des morceaux tirés de Kiss me kiss me kiss me ont été aussi de grands

Je me demande ce que pensent nos amis anglais de ces setlist… ils doivent etre un peu verts (normal ils bouffent
tout avec de la sauce à la menthe). Et puis, quand on a bien dormi et qu’on est pas embeté par les ronflements
de Bruno, on ne peut qu’apprécier les concerts.

Je redoute maintenant un peu le concert de Strasbourg… je me demande bien ce que les Cure vont pouvoir jouer
de plus qu’à Paris. On verra bien !

Review by Nicolas A.

RS gave us a lesson of cure

The 2 shows in Paris are finished. Incredible magic moments : 26 songs each night, 42 different songs...

The first night was great, but they had some problems with the sound of the voice (something like an overdrive
effect ???). The first set was very loud and powerful. Highlights were Snakepit, If Only tonight we could sleep,
Siamese Twins and 100 years (best version I've ever heard). At the end of the set, RS seemed tired and
bloodflowers was a little weak. The first encore was emotionnaly speaking very strong. The song Pornography
was for me the best of the night. Nothing to do with the album version : much more powerful. The second encore
was good. I think everybody expected something else (a Faith encore ?). The last encore was nice but I thought it
just missed some songs...
The thing was clear : they prepared the shows in Paris as a single part. The other songs would be played the
second night.

Second night : 16 new songs.
The first night was great, the second one was just MAGIC ! No problems left with the sound. A fantastic crowd. I
knew that night would be really special. The atmosphere was incredible (something I'd never seen in concerts
though that was my 8th concert with the cure).
Highlights : The Kiss (best song of the 2 shows) and the Faith encore. A big surprise at the end of the show : the
come back of the old ones (10:15 and Killing an Arab). Everybody went really crazy... the Zenith could have
exploded !

I've seen the Prayer Tour, The Wish Tour, The Swing Tour and some festivals : these 2 concerts were the best
ever done... better than the mythic Prayer Tour !
The band pays very well, the songs are intense and powerful. The setlists are great.
I think the Cure love Paris and Paris loves the Cure : the concerts were MAGIC...

Enjoy the next shows !

Review by Steph

I came, I saw...
There 's nothing to describe the experiences I lived the last two evenings. You'll read details of the setlist on the
site, lenghty explanations on how each specific song was performed , how the band was in synergy with the
audience. Set your imaginations at work, for  words will always fall short to depict the magic. You wished you 'd
had more eyes, more ears to melt into the lights and sounds. You wished you could stop time running when you
realise it's the first encore and these 2 hours went in a blinking of eyelids. I may safely die, I've seen the unseen,
touched the sky. They've sent my mind to a place it doesn't want to return from.

Review by Olivier

Le zénith est comble , surchauffé et la tension monte vite pendant le brillant set de première partie assuré par
The Cure monte sur scene à 21:05 et lance le concert avec un ootw plus fort que jamais......robert semble heureux
de jouer de nouveau au zénith....devant papa et maman qui attendent en coulisses !
Simon rencontre quelques problèmes sur "Fascination Street" et puis "A Strange Day" magnifique , "Pictures of
you" et robert d'introduire "Where the birds always sing" par "...une chanson que nous ne jouons pas
d'habitude..." version très forte en live ... une somptueuse version de "The Kiss" , INOUBLIABLE !!!
Pendant celui-ci , Roger me reconnait et me lance un clin d'oeil amusé d'étonnement (je me trouvai exactement à
la même place que lors du concert de Lille!) , formidable ce Roger....
Etonnante apparition de "shiver and shake" , version presque à saturation.....incroyable de puissance et de
Le premier rappel démarrare sur un "all cats are grey" que tout le monde avait pu entendre lors du soundcheck....c'est une grande messe qui commence, "the drownig man" émotionnel à souhait et "faith" que
demander de plus ??
"...back in time...thi is go M" et c'est reparti avec 3 titre de "seventeen seconds" , il y a des jours ou on aimerait
mourrir avec un rictus collé aux lèvres ! .....ils reviennent de nouveau....."just like heaven" déchaine la foule
avant le couplet final "10:15 saturday night" - "killing an arab" ".....merci , thank you very much and good
merci Robert , Simon , Perry , Jason  et Roger.......ce jour restera gravé dans ma mémoire comme un des plus
beaux concerts que j'ai eu le bonheur de voir depuis 1984.......

Review by Stéphane

Simply UNBELIEVABLE !!!! (just see the SETLIST !!!!). That was only the 2nd time i saw them (after Paris,
Bercy 1996 that is already said to be a good reference...) and i could not hope for such an AMAZING concert !!!!.
The sound was more than perfect and the set STRONGLY emotional and powerfull.

More details :

Out Of This World : No doubt it is a great opener !!!. Perfect played and beautiful lights.
Watching Me Fall : This song works really well on stage !!. In fact, very agressive.
Want : Loud. Very pro(a)gressive (intro) and powerfull (great job from Jason and Perry). One of my best.
Fascination Street : Perfectly classic (Simon on bass...). Nice lights.
A Strange Day : First real surprise for me. What an excellent song !!!!!. Robert was amazing. One of the highlights.
The Last Day Of Summer: Simply perfect. Beautiful lights.
Pictures Of You : Surprise for me !!!. Fantastic version (Jason and Simon on top) and highlight.
Where The Birds Always Sing : I was really curious to see how they could played this (i still think that it is a song
  hard to retranscript on stage). And the result was obviously better than i could expect. Not the best tune but very
  very well played (awesome lights to help !!!).
The Kiss : The loudest sound !!!. It was maybe the more powerfull and agressive track i have ever seen in my life
  (whatever the band is) !!!. Awesome !!!!. The whole crowd was furiously mad. Just unbelievable.
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea : Perry's solo remembered me Glastonbury Festival 1995 one !!!. A real
  real subversive version.
Inbetween Days : All the crowd swings and sings (for a good song).
Sinking : Simply amazing !!!!!. Personaly the most emotional moment of the set. The camera on Robert's mic
  shows a man strongly deeply introspective as you have ever seen. It was terrifying.
100 Years: Loud, agressive and powerfull. Good lights too.
Shiver & Shake : Very well played.
End : No deception cause i love that song (shorter version?). Jason on drums !!!!!.
39 : This song works too really well on stage !! (strategic lights to help).
Bloodflowers : Perfect. Beautiful lights. Great sound and solos.

All Cats Are Grey / The Drowning Man / Faith : New surprises. Amazing versions !!!!. The dream tour you know.

M / Play For Today / A Forest : The crowd became crazy again. The screams were even louder than Roger
  Keyboards. Beautifull lights (Big M and Trees). And again and again and again...

Just Like Heaven / 10:15 Saturday Night / Killing An Arab : No one sit down, dances everywhere and an
  awesome latest track to kill everybody. The perfect murder.

THE CURE definitely play for PARIS !!!.

Review by Julien

That was it, two unforgettable nights! The best “alternative” concert of  yesterday night with bonus tracks:
“Shiver and shake”, “10:15” & “Killing an arab”.
Good start, quite normal in fact, until “Strange day” wow!  Another track from “’Pornography” with the fives of
yesterday evening. Then, some new stuff  -unsual- with a really beautiful version of “Last day of summer” and
also a nice “Where the birds always sing”. After this ones, we got an ultra-loud version of… “The Kiss” with a
big picture of Robert red lips (remember Kissing Tour ‘87!!). This version was very long and heavy, Simon
played it  absolutely LOUD and AGRESSIVE, and Robert did an never ending guitar solo: brilliant!! In fact,
tonight show was perfect, simply perfect. The 5 next coming songs were really amazing and so intense: Sinking-
100 years-Shiver & shake-End-39”. All of them were ones of the most perfect version I’ve ever heard, I think the
order ‘s got something to do with it. The first encore was brillant even I already known it could happen, it was my
first “All cats are grey” and it seemed like a dream, something impossible in the real life…
I was “happy”  to hear  “Drowning man” again but I prefered the Paris ‘96 version. Then “Faith”  came with a
(new ) video on the screen, just a picture of a ruined church, I think. “Faith” sounded PERFECT, not much longer
or with any really Robert improvisation, the band played it very good even there was not the same kind of emotion
than in Lille. A usual second encore but always nice with the  crowd singing (shouting!) on “Play for today” and
dancing & clapping on “Forest”. The last encore was not a Pornography one… but surprise: “10:15”
and “Killing”, for a big welcome home! 2 hours and 45 minutes long, in my opinion this concert is not better than
yesterday, but a setlist like this one is UNBELIEVABLE !! NO BAD SONGS & THE BEST OLD ONES.
I think anyone would have given all he’s got to see these 2 concerts, or even anyone of them.

Comments from Dominique

That was the 4 th time this year I saw the band, each time everybody says that's the best show they have ever
seen. In my opinion, La Defense was very good, Lille just good, yesterday (Paris) better, and tonight it's one
of the most emotionnal powerful set I ever felt. It was a very good playlist, so strong that I couldn't hide my tears
during "100 hundred years". The show began really better than yesterday, faster, and the crowd was really hot.