The Dream Tour

April 30th, 2000 - Strasbourg, France (Le Rhenus-Parc des Expositions)

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Maybe Someday, Shake Dog Shake, Like Cockatoos, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Last Day of Summer, Sinking, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, 39, Bloodflowers

1st encore : Cold, A Strange Day, Pornography
2nd encore : Plainsong, Disintegration
3rd encore : M, Play for Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest
4th Encore : All Cats Are Grey, Faith.

Show was about 3 hours and 2 minutes

(Thanks Stephan & Simon)


Review by Jean-François

To make a long story short, it was for me the best concert I have seen this year, maybe simply the best.
Compared to Paris, the setlist was as good as the 2 days at the Zenith but the sound was much better in

Just like every night, one hundred year was perfect with the red and white flashing lights and the pictures on the
screens.  But Cold was the highlight of this evening.  So powerful, so great, so... I couldn't help but cry and shiver.
Then after A strange Day, came Pornography (very loud).

The real surprise was the 4th encore (first time?).  I heard Robert saying they didn't exactly know what they would
play for the first and last encore...  After Paris we thought we' ve had the best performance but there.

 I' ve followed the Cure since 1985 and I 've known them since 1981 but after this concert I really felt for the first
time really sad :  could this be the last time I saw them live?  Strange feeling but can they be better?

After the concert we tried to see them.  They stayed in the Rhenus till 1pm.  When the coach left the place, there
was a 15-car-queue chassing the coach ... They left Strasbourg heading to Colmar.

When thinking of this night, I really wonder if I 'm gonna see them again. I do hope they will play again and again.
If The Cure dies after this tour, a huge part of me will also die.

Review by Michael

I don't want to write too much because all the people who have already sent in their reviews have really
expressed what I feel. I ve watched the Cure playing live for several times since the Loreley Gig in 89. But
especially the encores really made me think about never going to see then play again because it just cannot get
any better. My cousin and me went down from central Germany to Strasbourg to finish our part of the Dreamtour
and we really hoped for anything special as we couldn't get to Paris. After the Pornography part we were already
on a different planet but when they came back for the 4th time and we expected "Faith" and got "All Cats.."
beforehand, this was really the best, unexplainable moment of our time as Cure fans. Never had I cried since
Faith in 89. But this was simply too overwhelming. I hope for all of you in France, Italy and USA that your Dream
will come true, too.

Review by Manuel

I truly have to admit that this was the best concert of the dream tour I witnessed. I've been to both Paris concerts,
and even if the songs were well played, there was no feeling between the band members and no feeling with the
audience,  In Strasbourg the audience was mad, and much more pleasant than Paris where everybody was ready
to push his neighbour to death to get closer to the stage. Here there was enough place to breathe !
The band seemed to enjoy the show, and Simon answered every smile or hand waving whis a smile of his own.
Robert went many times close to the stage borders and looked really carefully at the persons standing in front of
him. Perry shy as usual agreed to smile from time to time.
The whole set was full of power and the band seemed to want to please every present fan, the encores were
incredible, just have a look at the track list !
I am happy to have heard like cockatoos, I read almost everyday that it figured on the soundchecks but never
to be played !
I hope for the lucky ones going to marseille that the mood will be as great as it was in Strasbourg !

Review by Samuel

Review for the Dream tour in Northern France (Lille, Paris 1, Paris 2, Strasbourg)

To make a long story short, Lille was good, period. Lets say a mellow and cosy way of entering the Dream Tour.
Now to the The-Cure-Made-Love-To-Us-And-So-Did-We-During-3-Nights part : A tough game to start with
(games are FUN), how would I describe in one word how I felt about each gig, and which was in my opinion the
highlight song for each one ? Well, I'd say Paris 1 : hysterical/Pornography, Paris 2: immaculate/Faith,
Strasbourg : quintessence/All Cats Are Grey.
Now, as I take a minute and discover how silly and tedious this game actually is, I realize that the only way to
describe them would be to say that they're... undescribable (how good am I ?), especially for the Paris 1 gig (I'll
get back to that later).
I just got back from Strasbourg really, and one has to admit that it's objectively the best setlist the cure ever
performed in their live career. I'm quite sure they never played 4 encores at a show before (although it will have
to be checked out). Still, in my opinion, its not a very exciting question to ask because even if they did, it couldn't
in a zillion years have been better than what was played last night :an exhaustive synthesis of the best songs from
the 4 best albums, very well advisively arranged in a combination of conceptual encores. In my mind, this was the
concert they would have planned to do in Paris if there were only one night back in the capital... this band is so
gentle to its fans they prefered two extremely complementary sets (to be sure that everyone was happy) rather
than playing usual standard stuff the first night and all the treats the second. But, in a way, this putative decision
brought to life what is for me the most interesting and special, if not best, Cure concert ever (Paris 1st night, see
Here are some short comments about the Strasbourg show, although my friend Julien (see review herein), lucky
me, already did the job (very well I must say) :

-main set : very tightly played, mad crowd, another new song (Like Cockatoos, which is about the 7th new one
we got over 3 nights !), and many new arrangements in the performances (Perry, brilliant throughout the
whole show, on Fascination Street) and in the light/video show (OOTW, Prayers). Starting with Last Day of
Summer, we suddenly left to another planet (the powerful combination of the songs Last Day/Sinking/Prayers
was the trigger), it was totally epic, lyrical and emotionnal until the last notes of Faith. The encores (now these
may tear you apart one after another) were the most successful conclusion of the Cures live career : Bataclan 96,
Wembley, Birmingham and Paris 89 suddenly seem to me like stuck forever into some sort of black hole, weird...

-Encore1 (Pornography): far less intense than the Porn encore in Paris, but still, its always fantastic to get three
porn songs in a row (gosh I hope all of you guys get to have this once !); Cold :complete version this time, and, as
for Paris, such a great encore opener !, Strange Day : so tight !, Pornography : outstanding, but not up to the
already legendary version in Paris. Perry improvised a guitar solo in the end which very well mimicked the
"Pornography moaning " - it was well advised, and it shows how Perry (and this also goes for Jason) is
progressively becoming very self confident on stage (the other members of the band were actually waiting for him
to finish before leaving the stage, Robert seemed to be confused... was he impatient or admirative ?).

-Encore2 (Disintegration) : now having Queen Plainsong following Pornography is completely different than
getting There is no if ! It was very clever from the band to remove Th. Is No If and Trust, +, this way, it also was
a conceptual encore. I guess RS decided that Strasbourg would be the night they would do it all at the precise
moment Plainsong was launched, when people in the front of the lawn started offering flowers to him, while the
rest of the crazy-10,000 people audience were waving their hands in a very poetic and romantic goodbye sign.
We all shivered to our very soul. Plainsong has always been a very special song to me : I've always been
secretely convinced that this song represents Robert Smith's compositionnal talent at it's best. Well, at that
point, the concert was already miraculous.

-Encore3 (17 Seconds) : no need to describe the atmosphere in the arena at that point ! ! ! It's really too bad
they didn't remove JLH as they did in Paris. People are going to hate me but it really bothers me this song was
in the encore. It spoils a little the conceptual idea of the Strasbourg encores. Indeed, the 17 sec encore in Paris
(2nd night) was more catchy and cohesive than in Strasbourg...Whatever really (I confess I fantastically enjoyed
the song), lets move on : Very short and moving version of Forest. By the way, it was so funny watching Robert
begging Simon not to tear all of our ears apart w/ his bass at the end of the song. Then, no " Bonsoir " or
anything, so we knew... or being more honest, we suspected...
I wont even try to describe what went on in our heads during this couple of minutes...we were, you know, living a
historic moment... I remember (and so does Julien) reaching a state of breathlessness...

-Encore4 (Faith) : OK they're back. Stupefying. A little escape from our "planet " into unconciousness. The next
thing I perceive is the most beautiful version of All Cats are Grey I ever heard (the versions I had before were
the mythical Paris Bercy 89 and the epic Paris Zenith 2000 ones). I couldn't feel my legs anymore, I was
completely elsewhere...
How can I describe it technically ? It was just, you ! Again THAT staggering feeling on the final
keyboard notes by Roger... Breathless, again Red lights, silence, the loudest sound I ever heard. Faith comes in.
Solemn instant. A blurry church appears on the screen. The song... Further in the song... No lyrical improvisation
but the saddest and most emotionnal guitar solo ever achieved by Robert on Faith, believe me. Knowing that was
the last Faith for me, I became outrageously depressed during the last few notes... when it was all over, when the
lights and the Adagio came back, I didn't at first recognize the arena which was a weird/Kafkaien-like sensation.
I felt lost, out of mind, and most of all so sad and miserable... maybe I finally felt (after 11 years of concerts),
what it must have been attending the 81 gigs.

I cant really decide for myself which is the best gig between this show and the first night in Paris, but do I really
want to ? Paris 2, with it's awesome choice of songs/new songs, it's unbelievable everending Kiss, it's oblivion
Faith encore (one of the most beautiful moments in my life) clearly and most surprisingly has to come third (am
I actually writing this ?).
Paris 1 was the most intense concert in my life (setlist, performance tightness, complete and unique synergy
between the band and a totally insane audience- Ive been to all the Paris shows since 89 and this crowd
was from far the most impressive one, indeed much more impressive (if possible that is) than the Strasbourg
audience), and, to me, nothing will ever be up to having the 5 best songs from Pornography in only one night.
Siamese Twins is my favourite cure song so I cant really be objective about it... it was superb, thrilling and so
haunting (check out especially the beginning of the song, with that huge pure-red curtain covering all the surface
of the screen with Robert's and Simon's outlines in front, memorable !!!!!!), an enchantement ; 100 Years has
got more personality than ever, and the Cold/Figurehead/Pornography monolithic encore was magnificent,
outstanding, insane, and truely unique. The atmosphere in the arena at that point was undescribable,
UNDESCRIBABLE, sometimes even scary. The version of Pornography that night is to me the achievement
of the Cure's live career. Just a detail : Robert was standing in front of us, still, smiling in an extremely yet
appropriate provocative way, while a total chaos of sounds and red lights burst behind him :what a vision !
It felt like Dante's deepest level of hell if you will. For the record, I feel sorry for Nerelyd (see her review in the
Paris first night page) ; yes, you're right, Cold was not complete (I was so emerged in that uncomparable
atmosphere I didn't even notice !), but, no, I think your'e completely wrong when you describe Snakepit as not
well performed. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a perfect recording of the entire show and have
actually listened again to Snakepit about 7 times on our way to Strasbourg : Snakepit (as all the other songs)
was wonderfully played, sometimes reaching near perfection. The song was terrific, so moody and atmospheric,
definitly part of my weeks highlights. This was my opinion while I was actually listening to it at the show : what a
thrill ! ! !  ; moreover, the song is done with maybe the most beautiful light work of all, so I really don't understand
what your problem was. Snakepit will be one of things Im sure to remember for a long long time.

Another thing about a fan who wanted to know if he actually heard the first notes from In Your House during the
concert : well my friend and I checked it out for you and, yes, you're absolutely right, it happened just before
BDC : I also confirm he said " Impossible " just before introducing the 2 singles...  congratulations for your
bionic ears, we are truely very impressed ! My guess is that they definitly wanted to give it a try (it wasn't even
rehearsed ! ! !), but R. supposably being quite a perfectionnist eventually decided not to risk to ruin their most
perfect live performance in years (ever ?).

Just a few words to finish (does this review ever end ? ! ?) : in all, I guess that on paper (and probably in reality),
Strasbourg is the best of all (all tours included), some kind of new mythical landmark for Cure fans to dream about
and to feed their frustrations with. But isn't it a little trivial and senseless to compare gigs from different tours ?
(although I must confess that these 2 shows appear to me as the bands best live efforts ever) As for comparisions
within the Dream Tour, it is in my mind impossible, unworthingly self-torturing, spoiling, and would be perfectly
incoherent to try to decide which is best between this couple of shows. They both have their very special and
magical essence which make them part of the things to remember from The Cure.  If you're in a rather obsessive
Porn mood, then you'll immediately consider Paris 1st night as the best concert ever. Conversely, if you're
less obsessive and rather generalistic, then Strasbourg will naturally appear to you as THE one and only... One
thing is for sure though: they are until now, from far, the best shows on tour. But the tour isn't over (at least it is
for me and I guess I'll deliberately decide not to attend another Cure show in the near future, I cherish this
weeks souvenir too much), and still remains the amazing possibility of Pornography being played in it's whole,
spanning 2 encores : after all, we all know they can play Hanging Garden very well (remember the European
Swing Tour), and playing Short Term Effect is feasible...

I'm looking forward to other great setlists, beautiful shows and immaculate moments. To the ones that are
reading this and who still have Dream Tour shows ahead of them (hey Adam, Davis and Damian!), you can't
even imagine how lucky you are ! We french people have it all, all the time... MAYBE  it's time others get it
too ! (I said MAYBE) A near scientific truth (reproducible experiment) : one wants to listen to the Cure at their
best ? Got to be in France, at the right place, at the right moment ! ! !

Good luck and enjoy this wonderful band

PS : are all french reviewers/fans thinking of mailing some congratulations to ? I think it would be
most appropriate.

Review by Jorg

just coming back from strasbourg, france i am really really very happy to see THIS special concert, it was one of
the best cure- gigs in my life.

first of all, i didn´t expect anything, nothing. after 3 shows and almost static setlist,  i thought just enjoy the
concert and it doesn´tmatter, if they play the same setlist again.

we had to buy our tickets at the black market, but it was worth every cent!!

we got in, standing 15m from the stage away, met nice fans from germany, and had much fun. the opening band
there was very nice, and NOBODY was shouting for the cure. there´s such a nice and tolerant crowd :-)

and suddenly the intro came, and a dream was starting.

 Out Of This World: perry had problems with his amp, a cable was not doing his job
 Watching Me Fall: powerful
 Want, Fascination St., Open: the crowd got mad, suddenly we were in the 8th row and we were part of a massive
   cure party, just dancing and jumping
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep: i don´t know if the changed the setlist during playing the first songs, but it was
   like taking the tempo away, because it was going a bit deadly down the front
Maybe Someday, Shake Dog Shake, Like Cockatoos, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Last Day of Summer, Sinking, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, 39, Bloodflowers: these songs were played very good and powerful,
   i had the feeling the are really like playing and enjonying every second on the set. at bloodflowers someone had
   red roses and he showed it robert, he just looked very shortly at them...then a security left them on stage :-)

1st encore : Cold, A Strange Day, Pornography : brilliant nothing more to say, pornography was very aggressive
   and the best version :-)

it was very very hot there, and suddenly we were between the 3rd and the 6th row, this crowd was fantastic,
dancing jumping, that is was i expect from a cure concert, just party. and robert and the band were enjoyning it

2nd encore: the crowd was just shouting, jumping and dancing

3rd encore: hmmm what to say, normaly the static encore, but this time everyone was dancing, and the band
  was just laughing :-)   (just like in vienna )

my girlfriend and i was just really down. after this amazing show, we wanted to go and drink something, it was
just very hot there, but the lights didn´t go on, they would play a 4th encore??? not possible, but it was so.

all cats are grey, faith: we couldn´t almost stand on our feet, this was a wonderful end of a party.

after that, i was happy and very down. and i love the french crowd, they were perfect. and i think if the cure plays
a concert, and have the next day off, they play much better and relaxed ( like the setlist in munich)

thank you robert, simon, perry, roger and jason for this nice concerts of the dream tour, which for me is a dream
tour, and i hope to see you playing live again, and i am waiting for the new album :-)

Review by Sylvia

This was a great show ; first of all I felt that there was a really good atmosphere on stage, they all seemed to be
quite happy to play for us. There were also a lot of communication between Simon, Robert, Perry and Roger.
I was really happy to hear "like cockatoos" as they played it in the soundcheck in Paris but not in the concert.
They did a good version of "the last day of summer" which is one of my favorite songs of the LP, and a really
really good version of "watching me fall", really powerfull, I enjoyed it ! And as you all already know, the encores
were amazing!  But I didn't enjoyed the show that much as I was in the pit, and it was really hard since it was hot
hot hot !!!
I was also very tired of the two concerts in Paris, but I liked the show, and I'm happy to have stayed in the middle
of the pit since it was maybe my last show of The Cure, I'm happy to have seen them so close for the last time.

Review by Thomas

Normally I did not write a review, but this concert was so outstanding not only by the setlist also by how they
played this evening and I never saw such a fantastic supporting crowd. I am sure that this concert will be one
oft the magic moments inc Cure Tour history.(This wasn´t my first Dreamtour concert it was the 3 at the
Dreamtour after Zurich and Stuttgart).
For the reviews of the songs I will only say that at Play for today not that main melody was played by the
keyboard where everybody sings cause the crowd sings so loud that there was no use for it. Fantastic moment.
Also it seems to me that the band enjoyed the crowd so much that they could´nt stop playing and where forced to
play one encore after the other. The setlist itself explains a lot of the magic moments of that concert the other
way how they played is not to explain and it will be something I will never forget and if it is really the last tour
than it was for me the best way to say goodbye to the fans for The Cure. So I will say to all The Cure members
THANK YOU for that evening.

Review by Yan

My god. What a show ! Well during this French tour you must see Paris (the both night) and Strasbourg.

Again " Pornography ", I didn’t believe it. I was afraid to pay car location to see a typical concert (like Lille) but
not. And, at last, "Like Cockatoos " which we could heard during soundchecks. The audience was very great, not
like the concert hall.
After the end of " A Forest " Robert didn’t say goodnight so we have thought that they did an " Faith encore "
and yes ! We haven’t "TheDrowning Man " but the version of " Faith " was great with a beautiful solo of Robert
on his 6 string bass. And we thought that Robert gone to sing more and did a long version. But not.
Well, now it’s finished for me. Maybe this summer. Maybe someday…

Review by Dennis

What the hell of a show...
The concert in Strasbourg was a total surprise... after the more than disappointing perfromance in Oberhausen, I
wasn't too sure to go there, but in the end, I would have never forgiven myself after that show.
It being the last of my 14 Dream Tour shows and the best one...Ekova started the whole fun event, nice
performance as always, the crowd reacted nicely and they got lots of applause. After some mintues The Cure
entered the stage, and started the normal set, powerful versions of the first 5 songs. When 'If only tonight'
appeared as 6th song of the night, I knew we would get something special today. Nice surprise being 'Cockatoos'
which they hadn't done before on the tour, the version sounded like they've played it 10 times before, though...
verywell rehearsed!
Also, some backdrop-pictures have changed during the shows, 'Prayers for rain' featured now a skeleton instead
of just floods of water. Luckily they skipped 'End' from the set, every show lots of fans used this song to go for a
drink, and I don't think it fits at all at this point of the set. Couldn't notice many mistakes during the songs, the
sound was a bit bad for some tracks, a little feedback occured.  The Cure were in a really good mood, lots of
smiling, Simon jumping on stage.
When they came out for the first encore (had a paper with 'Cold' written on with me for the show), I couldn't
believe they did those 3 magnificent 'Pornography' tunes, also, Robert was a lot more talkative during the show,
where at the other gig, he mostly didn't say anything. The second encore was more of the standard one, but
'Plainsong' as opener of an encore works very well each time. Better version of 'Disintegration' resulted in a
crazy audience and another part of encores...
Party time in Strasbourg, lots of noise, and these songs had the audience pogoing and going berzerk! And then
it's over... my last show on the tour, but what the hell is this, so much noise and fans screaming... will they
come back and do 'Faith'? Well, can't describe how I would feel then! Why doesn't Robert take his 6-srtring
bass? What is this? F*#+ing hell, they do 'All cats are grey' - unbelievable, love that song so much and the
version sounded much better than Paris (2). For the end, 'Faith' let us out into the night, after a more than 3 hour
event - how could you end a tour better then on the high-point of it so far?
Okay, thanx for evrything, even a more than critical fan can be satisfied I guess ;-)
greetinx to all the fans I met during the tour, also greetinx to all the ones in Strasbourg: Marc, Tina, Kari,
Camilla, Antti, Tracy, Jan, Sascha, Nicole, Mandy, Franziska, Sylvia, Manuela, Patrick, ...

Review by Stephan

I left my house at 09.00 in the morning for a concert I didn't expect much from. I went to Lille the week before
and I found there were better concerts. Some days later i went to Paris and I thought I saw the two best concerts
from this tour. The fact was that for me personally this was a "best of" from the two Paris concerts. After the
first encores (the Pornography ones) I never thought they would play anything from Faith but it happened and it
was just brilliant. Gaetane, a friend of mine, asked on the way to Strasbourg what The Cure had played in Paris
so I showed here the set lists, she hoped they would play All Cats Are Grey and Faith. After the Pornography
encores I thought they wouldn't play it and then the last two songs were the ones she liked to hear and it
happened and she was so happy. We were standing just in front of Robert and we saw the emotions during Faith.
Pornography was played harder in Paris. For me this was one of the best concerts with the two in Paris but the
third night at Wembley 89 still stays the best one. I came back home at 07.30 and for me the dreamtour is over,
but I am waiting for the summer, in a little town called Werchter.

Review by Julien

Strasbourg : the Dream concert of the Dream tour.
I’m completly mad of the first night of Paris (remember Snakepit-Siamese twins-Cold-Figurehead-Pornography…)
BUT this show was… maybe… OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
Take a look at the setlist, it’s no joke! I know, eveybody says for each concert that it was their best and so far,
and so far… but this time IT’S DEFINITLYTHE BEST.
It was my 19th Cure concert and my 4th of the Dream tour (after Lille and the two Paris) and I don’t find the right
words to describe it. I can’t summary it so there are my comment for each songs:

Out of this world-Beautiful new lights.
Watching me fall-Powerful moment as usual.
Want-Well played, it seems that the band was in a very good mood.
Fascination street-Excellent version with Perry trying new things during the  intro and the audience started to
  become mad and danced all along!
Open-All the songs were good played, so Open too!
If only tonight we could sleep-Really nice to hear it again and that little change in the setlist was a sign (a good
  one) for what would follow…
Shake dog shake-Again a massive-rock version of it, I’ll never be tired of hearing it live.
Like cockatoos-Surprise! another new song for the FRENCH Dream Tour. An excellent version, much faster than
  the ‘96 versions and much better!
From the edge…-Always the same but always great, and the audience always love it
Inbetween days-Same as From the edge…
The last day of summer-How nice to have it again, and it’s really one of the best Bloodflowers song in concert I
Sinking-Beautiful version, what can I say more? Perfect just after Sinking.
Prayers for rain-With a human skeleton on the left screen (NEW!!). An excellent version too, but most of all:
  Last day-Sinking-Prayers, such a dreamly combination!!
100 years-Always one of the best moment of the shows with its perfect video.
39-Nothing else to say but good.
Blood flowers-Very intense moment, like everybody felt something was about to happen with the encores…

1st encore: Robert said that they were discussing about what they gonna play and so what could be better than 3
songs from Pornography… me and my friend couldn’t stop shouting, it was unbelievable!
Cold-”Grandiose”, the light show was brillant and the song was really good  played, simply magical!
A strange day-Same feelings than Paris, so great.
Pornography-ARRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!! I never believed I could hear this one 2 times in a week, it was
  absolutely amazing even I found it  more intense and agressive the first time. But WOW !!

2nd encore:
Plainsong-One of the perfect way to come back after Pornography, it was the best version I’ve ever heard, the
  crowd was so… I couldn’t find my words, I think the crowd’s got something to do with this fabulous setlist,
  everybody was shouting, singing and clapping during all the concert and the band could really see it. Robert
  seemed to be in another world, he looked often at the audience, always smiling and so on…
Disintegration-The best way to end with 4 magical songs, very powerful. Robert was really in it. Like Plainsong,
  this one was my best version of Disintegration.

3rd encore:
M-What can I say after all of that? All the Rhénus was dancing and singing so loud…
Play for today-The same as M and even more!
Just like heaven-It was so hot! The band smiled a lot and seemed to be happy as the crowd was. Again, everybody
A forest-GREAT final one, almost PERFECT!! Total madness, what can I  say more again? Robert didn’t say so
  much when he left the stage, we were wondering why he didn’t say goodbye. Because, for the first time in the
  Cure history, there would be a FOURTH ENCORE!!!

All cats are grey-The most intense moment in my Cure-fan career with the following song. The beginning of the
  “never-done-before” fourth encore and what a song!!! Better version than the second Paris show, really perfect
  with the unforgettable last Roger’s notes on the piano.
AND Faith-Coming from a dream: So emotive-So sad-So wonderfull… Best moment  ever. This encore was the
most unbelievable-15-minutes in my Cure-memory.

I’ll never go to a Cure concert again I think, it could never be the same, even a “classic” concert if the Dream
tour. No, this week I went to see the 3rd best Cure concert ever.

Impossible for me to feel more than this…

Review by David

I just come back from The Cure concert in Strasbourg (information for your DreamTour page : it was sold out !)
and it was brilliant ! Incredible setlist as you can see : I don't remember a gig with 4 encores. It was just like if the
band didn't want to go out of stage. The show was very powerfull even if OOTW was a bit back at the beginning.
Anyway, so many good songs and lights was too much for one night.

It was funny because everybody felt this gig would be... special, and it was : the crowd was electric and has been
very kind to Ekova, who did a very good work. The singer was very happy to be there because she said also loved
The Cure (speaking a very good french, better than Robert's by far !!) and thanked the audience for the
enthousiasm it showed to their set.

After the guest, it was quite long to see The Cure coming on stage, maybe that's why the public was so into the
concert when they started. At about 9 o'clock, The Cure arrived and made a little bit different first part with songs
like "Like Cockatoos" and without "End". The greatest moment certainly were "Sinking", so deep and so strong,
"39" and "Bloodflowers", closing the first part as perfectly as on the album, "Shake Dog Shake", and a lot of
others in fact... But among all the song, the biggest has been "One Hundred Years", with brilliant lights and photos
of war on the back : I think it's impossible to write a better song and to play it in a better way than they do it on
this tour.

Then just a few minutes to get on beer and run back in front of the stage for the 2, or if we're lucky, the 3 encores.
First surprise, as in Paris, 3 songs of Pornography : they bring us so far ! After that a second more "habitual" with
Plainsong, while Robert seemed to be afraid of approaching the public as it became that crazy, Disintegration not
played as fast as on "Entreat".

Answer to our question : there will be a third encore : 4 songs with "A Forest" closing the concert (we thought).
Another time the crowd became crazy and didn't want the band to stop. It was so noisy ! And then the incredible
4th encore : "All Cats Are Grey", and there's nothing left to burn, just "Faith", and our faith in The Cure is still
burning hard.

See you in Marseille.

Review by Renaud

even if the begining was to slow. The public was really good and the best moment were when we all sing together
on Play for today! And when we all claped on a forest! But also the 4 encores where 4 big surprise espcially a
beautiful and touching version of Faith after All cats are grey.The group (and not only robert) seemed to
appreciate the audience. This was their first concert in Strasbourg  since 1982 when simon decided to leave the

To finish, I have something to say to the FANS who follow THE DREAM TOUR:

This was the first concert for my sister who is 13 years old and she was really excited to see the cure because
she's a young "fan". At the begining of the concert she was treated badly and we had to go from the first rows,
just  only these fans wanted to be seen by robert or roger, I think it's RIDICULOUS, was it the first time for


Review by Nico

Apres deux concerts de PAris exceptionnels, je me demandais si cela valait le coup d'aller voir les Cure à
Strasbourg. Difficile de faire mieux qu'à la capitale. Allais je assister à une setlist "normale" comme j'ai eu droit
à Lille et à Londres ou encore a un grand moment de concert ?

Premiere impression apres le groupe de 1ere partie : le son est moins fort qu'à PAris et que les autres salles.
Normal, la salle de ce soir n'est pas une salle de concert : des rideaux de tissus délimitent les cotés de la salle et
d'autres recouvrent le plafond. La salle est tres large et le son semble s'échaper par les cotés et/ou s'amortir
dans les tissus... aie aie aie !

Heureusement, dès la troisieme chanson des Cure les potards sont montés et le son claque plutot pas mal... même
si on a l'impression que la musique ne vient que de devant, contrairement au Zenith de Paris par exemple ou le
son semblait nous envelopper, mieux, nous phagociter...

La réponse a été rapidement donnée dès la 6e chanson : Les Cure sortaient de la Setlist de routine en jouant
rapidement If only tonight we could sleep. Etonnant. La suite risuqe d'etre encore meilleure ! Pas d'erreur puisque
la 9e chanson est présentée en francais par Robert qui nous annonce dans un francais fragile "et maintenant une
chanson que nous n'avons pas encore joue dans cette tournée... elle s'appelle Like Cockatoos". Le ton est donné !
Le premier set se termine par les traditionnels 0ne Hundred years, 39 et Bloodflowers.

Le public est chaud pour ce premier rappel. Et les Cure entament alors les premieres notes de Cold. La folie !
Suivent A strange Day et Pornography. Je suis cloué, scié, ENERVE !

Le deuxieme rappel arrive et l'excitation avec elle. Apres trois chansons de Pornography, a quoi allons nous avoir
droit ce soir ? Plainsong pour commencer ! Inhabituel ! D'habitude cette chanson a bien lieu durant les rappels,
mais en troisième position. Cette fois ci c'est en premiere ligne qu'elle se situe... et la deuxieme chanson du rappel
est Disintegration. Hyper rythmée et tres bien jouée !!! Troisieme rappel...

M, Play for today, Just like Heaven, A forest... Le public est conquis et tout à la cause des Cure. La foule hurle le
refrain de Play for today et masque le son du synthé de Roger. Incroyable ! La fin d'A forest est un peu spéciale...
a savoir que Simon ne martelle pas ses cordes comme il a l'habitude de le faire durant la tournée. Mieux il rest
quasiment seul sur scène, comme s'il ne voulait pas la quitter. Robert est alors obligé d'aller vers lui et de lui
glisser quelques mots...

Etonnant... le rappel est terminé mais les lumières ne se rallument pas... aurait on droit à un 4e rappel ? Du jamais
vu dans la tournée, et certainement dans aucune tournée auparant (si je me trompe, dites le moi, je serai curieux
de savoir si cela s'est deja produit plusieurs fois ou pas). Le 4e rappel débute par All Cats are grey ! Hallucinant !
On se dit que se sera un rappel avec une unique chanson... mais non : Faith s'enchaine et termine ainsi le concert
de Strasbourg. Un grand moment d'émotion ! Presque 2h50 de musique, plus de trois heure en comptant le temps
entre les rappels... L'un des meilleurs, si ce n'est le meilleur concert de la tournée...

Marseille, dernier concert français de la tournée, risque fort d'etre lui aussi un grand moment. Mais cette fois ci
cela se fera sans mois hélas...

Out of this world (7'01), watching me fall (11'13), want (5'27), Fascination street (5'20), Open (7'11), If only tonight
we could sleep (5'20), Maybe someday (5'35), Shake dog shake (4'39), Like cockatoos (3'57), From the Edge of
the deep green sea (7'43), Inbetween days (3'00), Last day of summer (6'32), Sinking (5'13), Prayers for rain
(5'45), One hundred years (6'45), 39 (7'22), Bloodflowers (7'43)

Encore 1
Cold (3'53), A strange day (4'49), Pornography (6'25)
Encore 2
Plainsong (5'09), Disintegration (8'16)
Encore 3
M (3'46), Play for today (4'09), Just like heaven (3'40), A forest(7'44)
Encore 4
All cats are grey (5'19), Faith (8'55)