Circulo Mixup (Mexico)


The Cure. Celebration on DVD.

The  Cure has just released, like celebration, a DVD live, the renowned Trilogy, in which are interpreted the
albums Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers and it gave to us the opportunity to chat with Robert

The majority of your fans are thirtysomething. Trilogy it was done thinking about them or about the new

R.S.We do not question it. Our audience has changed very much. Now we have fans of the fifteen to thirties or
forties years …some of them probably are so old as we, but we are attracted by the idea of having fans of
different generations. The old men have certain nostalgia and the young men not, but essentially what they like is
The Cure's music and they do not do this differentiation.

Pornography took for surprise to the world in his moment. Now that few ones hear dark discs, you return to
surprise us with a material full of slow, dense and melancholy songs.

R.S. Disintegration was done in a moment in which everything what The Cure was doing was big and successful;
it goes on to many bands and simply it works. In Trilogy it is evident that Bloodflowers is so good as
Disintegration and Pornography. I believe that Bloodflowers is the best album that we have done; I am not trying
to sell it, but it is the most poetical and artistic thing that we have reached. To join these three discs is my way of
binding them and of which they are like a celebration of twenty-five years for the group.

How you feel playing albums that you composed twenty years ago?

R.S. It was strange … I believe that the tour that we did for Pornography in ' 82 was terrible … we were a
disgust and were completely out of time and order. This time in Berlin I was feeling as if we had never played a
Pornography's show. Finally we had the courage to play it like it must have had played …

Were changes intentional of tempo and pace in songs as "Fascination Street"?

R.S. We make sure ourselves that some versions were happier … we did not want that everything was sounding
exactly like on the discs. The current line-up has done changes, because simply it is the form in which they play
now, but I believe that the spirit of the songs is kept.

How would you describe the process of hero's transformation to icon?

R.S. (laughing)…. I do not know what happened, I believe that the people experienced to The Cure year after
year and now that The Cure is twenty-five years and there is something of us in the books values what we have
done … I itself am realizing what I have done, though sometimes I do not feel very differently from the first time
that we were The Cure.

In ' 92 approximately fifteen thousand Mexican fans travelled eight hundred kilometres and were three hours
stopped to a temperature of thirty seven degrees; those are the things that you do for a hero.

R.S. Yes, when we start playing I became more conscious than the people think that I am. Now I am a being who
can live through a more natural life; I am charmed with planning tours and playing at live …I PROMISE YOU
that we go away to seeing in MEXICO THE YEAR THAT COMES, I ASSURE IT 100 %.

For what can we expect now from you?

R.S. The next record is going to be Bloodflowers's continuation; of no form it will be pop, do not even make
happy, because what has happened to me lately has not been very good and I want to return to the "hard" line.
We are trying to produce it so that it does not look like anything of what already we have done.

And your solo album?

R.S. It is a project that goes two years floating, but before we will re-release the whole collection in a box of
limited edition and it has taken me a lot of time. The solo album is a strange project, because actually they are
not songs, but instrumental, like that pieces it is that there is no urgency for release it; I believe that it is a
timeless project and wait to complete it before it comes at the age of fifty, (laughs).

Mixed Up was an ultramodern work that was including Paul Oakenfold & William Orbit works when still they
were not enjoying popularity … will this DJ that you take inside influence your subsequent work and that of The

R.S. Not! … (laughs) I do not believe it, it is something that I have done only or with other persons, but it is not
any more that to play with the controversy of producing something dance and scrap , using dance German, dub,
chillouts and black tones, but still when we like the ideas "deutsche vië dielbast", and though the current line-up
enjoys different types of music, it will be difficult that we return to hear something dance of The Cure.

You have some relation with Siouxie, Echo and The Bunnymen or other prominent figures of your generation?

R.S. I continue in touch with Steven Severin and occasionally with them of Echo and The Bunnymen. Actually
we do not meet very often … The Cure always has been very isolated and reserved to have friends of the musical
environment; we prefer a bit more normal people.

If you could choose some bands to do covers of your songs, would which be the bands and the songs that you
would choose?

R.S. I would choose Hell Is for Heroes for " 100 Years "; to Mogwai for "Untitled" and to The Strokes for "Maybe Someday".

By Aleajndro Castro to Jorge Isaacs, hostage of the ´80´s.

(Thanks to Jorge Luna for translating and typing all of this up!)