The Dream Tour

May 27th, 2000 - Las Vegas, Nv. (The Joint)

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, Last Day of Summer, Maybe Someday,
Shake Dog Shake, Snakepit, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Siamese Twins, Prayers for Rain, 100
Years, End, 39, Bloodflowers

1st encore: Plainsong, Disintegration
2nd encore: M, Play For Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest
3rd encore: Lovesong, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 saturday Night, Killing an Arab.

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Show was 2 hours and 45 minutes

Review by Nadine

Review by Aaron Shepard

It wasn't really a matter of choice for me to see the Cure on the Dream Tour, due to all the rumors of the "last
album" and "final tour." I'd never got a chance to see them before (being from Alaska does that to you) and since
the Cure are my favorite band I just couldn't miss it this time.  Rather than throw darts on a map of the lower 48, I
decided the Las Vegas show sounded escpecially appealing, with a capacity of only 1400, all GA. We don't have
real transportation in Alaska, so from Anchorage I mushed my dogsled down to Juneau, then kayaked to Seattle.
Once in Seattle I was able to hop on United Airlines, which doesn't fly direct, so I was routed to LAX, then Vegas.
Vegas is totally surreal. I got in thursday, so thursday night and friday I walked around the strip, and occasionally
popped in one of those grand, towering hotels to watch machines swallow my money while women with thongs and
breasts oozing out of their shirts brought me free alchoholic drinks. Well, not free, really. More like twenty bucks,
if I pull the lever really slow. I think Vegas truly is the "Club America." By the way, if anyone thinks Vegas is
succeeding in becoming a "family-orientated" city, you're not even remotely right.
     Saturday all I cared about is the Cure. I got up and listened to the Cure. I ate breakfast at Denny's, where the
radio blared Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys, causing me to feel temporarily sick. Then I went back to the
hotel, brushed my teeth, and listened to more Cure. Then I worked on perfecting my beautiful drawing of Robert,
which I was foolish enough to think I might be able to throw on stage or hand to him or something (those naive
Alaskans!). I popped in Starbucks for a latte (there's always time for a cafe latte) then got a cab over to the Hard
Rock, and was in line about 5:15. There was already quite a few people camping out, and I realized I had little hope
of being front row (damn! maybe I should've passed up that latte!). But it was all good, besides the blasted 110
degree weather. Back home, my igloo would've long been melted. Of course like most other people in line, I was
drenched in black, causing the sun to feel even more sadistic. But I held through, talking with other fans in line,
them telling stories of meeting Roger, and me telling of meeting Porl in England, and buying one of his paintings.
They finally opened the doors, and I entered the Joint. We all crowded up front, nudging and spilling beer on one
another until 8, when the holy hour finally arrived. As soon as the band hit the stage I felt totally sanctified. Out of
This World somehow sounded so pefect and superior than the album version. I had a really good view of the band,
and could see every finger motion on the guitars. It felt so great to see this band that's inspired me for years, and
been the key influence on my own songwriting (which everyone says sounds just like the Cure anyways!). I really
like Open, so I thought that was especially a cool performance. Snakepit was great; seeing Robert bust out with
the recorder was quite exciting. Siamese Twins was increasingly emotional, and I think the band really connected
with fans on this one. During End, I couldn't help but shutter when Robert changed the lyrics to "I was none of
those things." My favorite performance could have been 100 years. After the drum intro I was blissfully engulfed
in a wave of angry sound. This song had so much energy, I was bouncing the whole time. It was awesome.
However, I was touched the most when the band back out for Plainsong. The music sounded so timeless, and so
noble. Simon looked like he was acutally getting tearful. Robert stood and sang, half smiling, but still looked very
bittersweet. He then floated over to a couple fans, signing autographs and shaking hands. Robert and the band
seemed like they were so aware of what they've done, what they've accomplished, and what it's meant to us. The
rest of the encores were really amazing as well, escpecially Lovesong and Play for Today, to which we all sang
along with the keyboard part, just like on the "Paris" CD.
Overall it was totally amazing. This had to have been the best place for a concert; it was a real intimate venue,
and it seemed that everyone was a real fan. About half the people I talked to were driving to LA to catch the
Irvine and Greek Theatre shows too! Afterward I bought a necklace and a program. Unfortunately I couldn't do
anything with my Robert drawing. Those rodie guys are the meanest bastards you'll ever meet (besides the
I then went to a restaurant in the hotel, read my program and just took it all in. Before making the pilgrimage
down to Veags the Cure was just simply my favorite band. Now the Cure is my religion.

ps If anyone wonders why this is a week after the show happend, well hey, it takes a long time to kayak back to

Comments by Jami

The Las Vegas show was the first time I ever saw the Cure live and I though it was very good.  I was angry that
the Hard Rock made the fans wait outside in the blistering sun (much like they did when we waited to get tickets
for the show).  I have attended many shows at the Joint, and this was the first time I had to wait outside.
     Once inside, my friend and I chose to stand on the second level so we could see (I'm only 5'3'').  We were on
Roger's side and we got a perfect view of the show because we were in I guess what one would call the first row of
that level.  I believe my friend and I were one of a handful of teenage fans in the audience (I was in pink if anyone
saw me and I have really long blonde hair). I did feel a bit out of place because I wore what society deems
"normal" clothing and I recieved some odd looks from people waiting in line. I also noticed that while we waited
in line, no one said a word to us.
     Anyway, my purpose for writing this is to tell you Nadine that that monkey thing you described in your last
dream tour entry was actually a cat.  I saw a girl in her 20s holding the stuffed animal cat while waiting in line.  She
even had a carrying case for it! Periodically throughout the night, she put the stuffed animal cat in the air and made
it dance along with the music.
     I am quite sad that my first Cure concert will probably be the last.  Damn, why couldn't I have been born a few
years earlier?

Comments by M

Hi there!  Well, I read the reviews of the Vegas show and was very excited to see people mentioning me throwing
my doll to Robert on stage.  It was a very silly (but huge) moment in my life.  My mother made that doll for me
about 15 years ago and he's almost been a member of the family ever since. So anyway, I was so shocked and in a
coma when he picked the doll up and started to sing that I didn't get any pictures.  Do you know of anyone who
might have gotten one with my doll in it?  It's extremely important to me, so if you could pass the word, it would be
wonderful.    Thanks!

Review by Laura

This trip was so much fun. I headed out of ABQ with my friend Katherine-bound for LAS VEGAS. She was meeting
up with an old friend and my sole purpose was to see the cure (and hang with Katherine and RITU)
We arrived at around 11am and headed to our hotel (THE SAHARA). There we went directly to the pool to try
and catch some sun. It was so damn hot we stayed out there only an hour! After that Katherine's friend RITU
arrived and we began the evening. I kept thinking to myself- "I wonder if Robert and the boys go swimming!!"
Just a funny thought. Everywhere we went that night I kept my eyes open for one of them. We went on the
stratosphere-2 times. I remember the old cure site had a picture of the band going on that thing and the entire
time we rode it I kept thinking how funny it must have been to see Robert Smith scared out of his mind.

The day of the concert I got ready and headed over to the hard rock hotel around 5pm. My friend Katherine
agreed to come over with me until the concert started or I found someone I knew. I ran into Craig and Nadine
and we hung out until the show started. I refused to stand out in that heat-period.

Upon arrival to the hotel I saw everyone lined up. My friend Katherine and I walked up and down the line just
trying to be friendly. Why are people so up tight before the shows? I'm sorry but people loosen up! If you meet
the band you do if you don't you don't-chill out. Ok , sorry about the rant. We then headed inside and stood
outside the Joint entrance and what do you know-Roger was standing there looking around. I snapped a picture
but he wasn't very happy about that. It was during the soundcheck so maybe he was stressed about something-who

The concert was excellent. It was to bad the audience was so lame. Craig, Nadine and I were so suprised that
people were not clapping inbetween the encores. No wonder we didn't get Faith or any of the other awesome
rarely played songs. Don't get me wrong I love the singles too but kind of wanted to hear the others. My biggest
criticism is that I wanted Robert to talk more inbetween songs. He hardly said 10 words throughout the entire
concert. I think it is so cute when he mumbles things. That is really not a criticism just my own personal preference.
ROGER-SMILE (ok 2 things).

I only have one more chance to hear "there is no if" so I hope they play that in Denver (pretty please). This
weekend we head to Denver (probably the only 2 fans going to be there-joke).

Highlights for me included: M, 100 years,shake dog shake, killing an arab, etc. The biggest highlight was after
the show only a hand full of fans got to interact with Robert, Perry, Jason, Roger, Simon, and the rest of the crew.
It was amazing just sitting there at that roulette table with them. Listening to their awesome accents-A dream come
true. It is kind of strange now though because they became real that night. It is hard to describe but that interaction
kind of changed my obsession. I still love the band but the excitement of the chase is no longer there.

I know I have forgotten all sorts of details. Gambling with the band would be a whole 10 page story on its own.
Robert was smoking, Roger was smoking so that rumor is confirmed (who really cares in my opinion).
Jason lost alot of money playing black jack.
There were lots of young beautiful (annoying) girls hanging out with the band. Simon came down and hung out for
awhile. Jason went up before Robert, Roger, and Perry. I overheard Jason telling this random woman at the black
jack table that he had better stop playing because he had lots of work to do. She then asked what he did and he
replied-"Oh I play in a band and we have a concert tomorrow". Very cute. He was a very nice man to talk with.
Overall, a great experience. I'm getting excited to see them in Denver.

Review by Mike

I'll keep mine brief considering I share pretty much the same feelings as the rest of the people who posted
reviews....THIS SHOW ROCKED!!!  It was the fifth time that I had seen them and I will say that Snakepit was
my highlight.  I could feel the spirits floating around there during that creepy song.  Breathtaking

However, no one has mentioned how crappy the sound was.  The whole night Robert and Roger were motioning
to the soundtechs during songs to get things fixed. Mostly, things were distorted.  It sounded at times like Robert's
mike was run through a Boss Overdrive guitar pedal.  But considering how awesome the show was, the bitchin
venue, the setlist, and how close I was (I didn't see any of "Gary's" friends anywhere), this flaw was insignificant.

Highlight- I GOT INTO THE SOUNDCHECK!!!  I got kicked out in about 5 seconds, but I was in there.  From the
casino, there was this hallway that went down the side of The Joint (by the bathrooms for those who were there).
Dave and I stopped there and just above the din of the slot machines, we looked at each other and realized that we
could hear the bass riff to Out Of This World.  Just then, a Hard Rock staff person came out of the side doors and
just walked away letting the doors close slowly by themselves.  I grabbed the door before it shut and went in. At
this point behind these doors was another set of doors where another staff person was going into The Joint.  She
walked in and opened the door wide open for me to see the whole band there, lights and everything, playing Out Of
This World to an empty Joint.  At this point the staff person caught me out of the corner of her eye, asked me to
leave, asked me to leave again, and then when it was apparent that I wasn't going anywhere, she pulled the door
shut and stood in front of the door handles and threatened to call security.  It was just a glimpse, but it takes the top
spot in my years of following The Cure.

Review by Andy

Just got home from seeing the Cure in Vegas at the Joint in the Hard Rock Cafe. In my opinion it was the best
performance I've seen. I've seen the Cure many times but never in such a small place as the Joint. I must disagree
with "Gary" who writes that the Joint is "the worst place to see a concert". It is in fact a great place because (and
I know a lot of people will not agree with me) of it's size and because it was festival seating - every man for
his/herself. I had a great view of the stage about 5 people deep - I could see every funny expression Robert was
making and he was making a lot of faces - obviously enjoying the enthisuatic crowd that had crowded the before the
stage. Again I must disagree with "Gary" beacuse the real fans were the one's as close to stage as possible - and
like me they knew every word to every song including the newer ones. The highlights are as follows:

Watching Me Fall - very powerful and very loud which is just the way I like it! Simon's bass had everybody
grooving to this song.

Shake Dog Shake - another powerhouse that was also loud and agressive. Jason sounds real good on this.

The Snakepit - an obvious favorite of mine. Robert was playing a recorder and I got great pictures of him with it to
his lips. A perfect rendition...the show's highlight for me.

Siamese Twins - a welcome surprise from Pornography and a very satisfying version with Robert screaming "Is it
always like this..."

Prayers For Rain - Another extreme favorite of mine. Robert did not do the long "Rrrrrraaaaaiiiiinnnnn" like he
usually does at the end. He instead played a longer than usual guitar solo with some barely audible mumbling
into the mike (shame on you, soundman!).

End - I don't care what anybody says this is a great song. This version sounded strange at first but it all made
sense as soon as Robert belted out "I think I've reached that point..." A very powerful version and another
highlight for me personally!

Plainsong - What a great song! But they played a real short version - seemed to me that it should've been longer
but, OH WELL. Robert did take the time to get a good look at us in the audience and we felt like he was really
thanking us for being such a responsive audience!

M - WOW! Another shocker and highlight for me. This is one of my favorite Cure songs and they did not
disappoint on this one. Robert plays some searing guitar on this one.

100 Years - My first time actually seeing them perform this song. Extremely LOUD and Obnoxious version - I
simply loved it! Simon's bass was in your face for this one. In a word - PERFECT!

Play For Today - The crowd sang along to the keyboard part - another favorite of mine that was done extremely

Although they did not play more of my Favorites (no Faith, no Drowning Man, no the KISS, etc...) I am hoping that
they will change the set considerably when they get to LA. I will be attending both LA shows in hopes of getting
to see all my favorites. I figure three shows on this tour should satisfy me (I HOPE!).  I went to the Vegas show at
the last minute with my buddy of mine who was disappointed that they did not play "Pictures Of You". He was
obviously not a real Cure fan (he wanted the hits only) but he was very impressed with the new material and very
delighted with the older more darker stuff. He now prefers the albums more than the singles. It just goes to show
you that if you're a middle of the road fan of this band, then this show will make you realize that there is a wealth of
material that needs to be heard and appreciated. The Cure has always been more than just a singles band
("Lovecats", "Let's go to Bed", and "The Walk") and they are really doing the fans a lot of justice on this tour.
This tour will set the record straight once and for all. See you at the Greek....

Review by Nicole

What can i say. I've seen the Cure since the late 80's and it never gets old. I loved it so was out of this

Reading other comments about the types of people that were at the show, but i didn't encounter this at all (thank
god). i managed to get 3rd person from the front...i was inbetween simon and perry and had a fantastic view of
everyone...especially robert. The crowd around me seemed very enthusiastic during the show-lots of singing along
and moving. I don't know how i survived cause i think i was the only person that was sweating as much as robert!

I was disappointed that the hard rock did make us wait out in the heat...that was a bit ridiculous.

I did also see three arguments/fights break out before & during the show (must have been the heat) which i thought
was just crazy-everyone wanted to be in the front and seemed to want to do anything to get there.

I thought the set was great (though i kept wanting the band to stay with the older songs)- play for today, siamese
twins, snakepit, shake dog shake, M....loved it.

Also loved when robert came over to the audience during the beginning of plainsong-it was so emotional and it is so
amazing that all he has to do is sit and stare at you and you melt!

Off to Irvine and then 3 more shows! I never want this to end

Review by John

I just wanted to send in a few comments on my experience from the Las Vegas show.  It is kind of funny to read
some of the other comments about the show and see how different people perceive situations.  I waited outside in
the heat from around eight in the morning in hopes of getting a good spot to view the show from.  I was surrounded
by nothing but pure Cure fans.  They were all incredible.  Rather than simply reacting to the “pop” songs, which,
by the way, are still really good songs, they went crazy when the first few notes of "Siamese Twins" rang through
the venue.  They also sang the keyboard line to “Play for Today” as intensely as any crowd in Paris has ever done,
which brought out five beaming smiles on the stage.
        There actually was quite a strange collection of people in the Hard Rock Casino throughout the entire
weekend.  The men all seemed to be clones pumped full of steroids, who shared the same closet of clothes.  The
women also appeared to be pretty fond of having body parts augmented.  However, I stood right at the front of the
stage between Simon and Perry throughout the  entire show and I did not see a single one of these people in the
They certainly weren't’t waiting outside in the heat with us all day.  I guess they might have been further back in
the venue, but from my perspective it was an amazing Cure crowd, and I was pleasantly surprised by their
enthusiasm for the non “pop” songs and their shear excitement throughout the show.
        Enough of that garbage though and on to the truly important part- the show itself.  This was my first show of
the Dream Tour.  I am going to be attending seven shows over the next month finishing up in Jones Beach on the
20th of June, and I expected the small club atmosphere of The Joint to be the perfect place to kick off the tour.  I
was not disappointed.
        The new songs are absolutely beautiful live.  “Out of This World” is a fantastic opener, right up there with
the quintessential Cure opener “Plainsong”, in my book.  It is so funny how the first few notes of “Plainsong” bring
back so many memories for me.  I am sure 10 years from now “Out of This World” will have the same effect.
 “Watching Me Fall” is a song that really stood out from the new material. I like the album version, but it is so
much better live.  Perry’s guitar work at the end literally gave me goose bumps.  He was playing with such
confidence and intensity it was a joy getting to watch him at work.
        Of course “Bloodflowers” itself was also amazing.  This is probably my favorite song off the album right now
and it is just as good live.  I read an interview in which Robert said one of his best moments as a musician was
recording the solo for Bloodflowers in one take.  Tonight he managed to recreate that moment wonderfully.
It is such a treat to watch this band enjoying themselves so much and letting us all see what they are truly capable
of doing.  There couldn't’t be a more appropriate name for a tour.  This really was a dream.
        When they played “Plainsong” to start the encores Robert did his usual walk over to the sides of the stage to
get his gifts and sign autographs.  He was given one of those Robert Smith dolls and held it up to his face trying to
mimic the expression on the doll’s face.  After that he just sat there staring into the crowd.  I have never seen him
looking at the audience with such intensity.  It was almost as if he was trying to take it all in.  As if he was absorbing
all of the emotion from the crowd.  This was such an emotional moment.  It was the first time that I believed that
this actually could be the last time, and he was savoring the moment.  If I was the person he was looking at with
such intensity I don’t think I would have been able to handle it.  It was one of the most subtle, yet powerful
moments of the show and it has set the tone for the rest of the tour.
        When he walked to the other side of the stage my friend who I got separated from in the crowd managed to
hand him a present I brought.  He mentioned liking the Red Meat website in the last Cure News so I bought a copy
of each of the Red Meat books for him.  He said thank you to her and put them back by Jason’s drums.  I hope he
actually got them after the show and the crew didn't’t simply toss them in the trash!
        After seeing some of the setlists from the other shows I was really hoping for a Pornography encore, since it
has been a long time since I have actually heard those songs live, but it wasn’t to be.  When they came out for the
third and final encore, Robert said something about how they were going to play something down, but decided to
play something up.  I don’t think this was simply pandering to an audience that was craving more “pop” songs.  I
think there was such a positive and happy vibe in the crowd (at least in the front) that they decided to play songs to
fit the mood.  I was actually quite excited to hear the old trio of “Boys Don’t Cry”, “10:15” and “Killing an Arab”.
“10:15” was incredible and Simon got his one chance to be the rock star and have all the attention focused on him,
other than the ending to “A Forest”.  The show was finished off with a great version of “Killing an Arab”.  I think
this was the perfect way to finish off this show and I’m sure I’ll get my Pornography encore at another show.
        I hope everyone else is having as good a time attending these shows as I am.  It can be hard to not get caught
up in worrying about all the little extras that go with attending a show, but once you go through the doors, let it all
go and concentrate on what is important- THE MUSIC, and appreciate what a treat it is to get to see such an
amazing and unique band. On to Irvine!

Review by Glamboy420

I just got home at o'clock this morning, so I am a little late with my responses to the last two shows. I have driven a
lot the past couple of days so I am real tired. Enough about me. The Vegas show was Brilliant. My friends and I got
inline at 11am and there were about 15 others inline before us. The Hotel made us wait in the heat all day. Lets say
that it was 100 in the shade. As a cali boy on the coast I am not used to the heat. The day went fairly fast. I met
some real kewl people inline. Once the doors opened it was a mad rush to get to the stage. Luckily I got right
behind three girls who had guest passes and had the opportunity to get into the venue a little earlier than all of who
stayed in line for many many hours. They were right against the bar on Perry's side of the stage. I spoke with them,
they were very pleasant girls in there late 30's. The only thing I knew at that point was that I was going to be able
to have their spots because they expected a crowd that was kicked back and not gettin a little crushed. They ended
up getting pulled out during the Watching Me Fall because it was too much for them. Lucky for me!!!!!!!! I was now
in full front. I thought Out of this world was a great way to start the show. Very well played may I add. The group
seemed to be in a very good mood from the start. From that point I was hypnotized and in this trance. The crowd
around me seemed to be in to it as much as I was. They were very friendly and helpful to those who had trouble,
trading spots etc.... I let my good friend who was real short have the front bar towards the end of the show so she
could enjoy what I had for most of the show. The setlist was amazing!!!! Siamese Twins took my breath away,
played very well along with the rest that just melted my heart. During Plainsong when Robert came to Perry's side
of the stage to visit with the crowd around us, someone threw a Robert Smith doll they had made for him. I thought
that was very cute. Robert seemed to be grateful for the thought. The shows seemed to be quite long, a little
shorted than expected when I realized after that they had played less than 3 hours. Once it was over, the crowed
had a auora as we all walked out of the venue that couldn't be explained! Well, there is my review!

Comments by Melanie

 Well, for those of you who made it to the Vegas show it was quite unbelievable!  The most amazing show I have
seen yet on this tour.  The band was quite playful with each other on stage and obviously estatic to be there with
such a receptive crowd.  You could see that Robert was touched emotionally by the all the fans and how they just
ate up every word sang.  They put on about three hours worth of beautiful music and the two highlights for myself
was that they played "Killing an Arab" and a flute appearance on "The Snakepit"  There was even a special treat
for those that stuck around to hang about trying to get an autograph.  They stayed in the casino and gambled for
hours at the Roulette table and another surrounding  tables.  What an awesome night!  Thank You Robert and the
band for a memorable evening.

Review by Matt

I have seen the Cure play a dozen times since '85 and I have to say that the Vegas show was far and away the most
disappointing show that I have attended. I agree largely with the review by Gary.  I would like to reiterate a few
points and make a couple of new ones though.

Sure there were many genuine fans who had trekked from all over to see the Cure in a small venue.  However, the
preponderance of silicone breasts, overdone makeup, and goofball bodybuilders with gold chains was at least
disconcerting.  Vegas is a fun town but it is a cheesy town and I think that in the future (if there is a future involving
Cure shows) I'll avoid that stop.

My major gripe with the show however was not the bimbos and bimbettes but rather the sound.  I have seen the
Cure in a number of indoor and outdoor venues and have experienced a range of sound quality, but this was the
worst.  Up front it was pathetic.  The bass was overwhelming.  There was a lot of noise.  The lead guitar and
keyboard were barely audible and the vocals were obscured as to make lyrics indiscernable (sp?).  My hearing
may have been permanently affected.

Bummed with the sound downstairs I ventured upstairs (to the true snakepit) and listened and watched from up
there; it was a little better but still terribly substandard.  Mind you, I don't believe that this had anything to do
with their playing, merely the sound.  Robert gestured on many occassions to turn this or that up or down and even
seemed frankly irritated at a point.

I think that they were set up for large venue, largely outdoor, shows this tour and that squeezing that sound into the
Joint didn't work.  Consistent with this hypothesis is the absence of visuals as well; again the Joint was either too
small or not equipt to deal.

I followed up this show with the one in Irvine and that one was great, utterly moving.  It completely made up for the
Vegas experience.  It was, dare I say, one of the best Cure shows I've seen.

In summary, Vegas - thumbs way down, Irvine - thumbs way up.

Review by Gary

Well- it was sad.  The Vegas stop would be my last and only time to see the band on this tour and perhaps forever.
I was very disappointed with the venue.  The Joint has to be the worst place to see a concert or maybe it's just
Vegas.  I'm 5 foot 11 and it seems that EVERYONE was taller than me.  It was difficult trying to find a place to
watch the band.  This also did not seem like a Cure crowd.  This thing sold out in 5 minutes.  It was wierd seeing
who bought the tickets.  Most of the crowd was composed of VERY large  body builder type guys and most of the
women had augmented breasts and  ALMOST all of them DID NOT know the songs played.  If you came to hear
the singles, this show is not going to please you...and thats why I think this is the last tour.  This is a fans show.

Songs I hadn't heard before LIVE include:

Shake Dog Shake- Excellent and powerful version of this song.  Roger has  REALLY stepped up and added
something to the Cure sound.  It's great.

Snakepit- This song sounded a bit odd and a bit off, as if it were the first time performing it.  Not sure I liked it or

Siamese Twins- LOVED IT!

Plainsong- disapponted.  Besides Roger and Jason, the rest of the band stood around while the song
played...obviously from some backup tape.  It wasn't a full version either...very quick.

Lovesong- while it was great, it was also very quick without a long of the few songs the entire audience

Just Like Heaven- the only time the audience really got into it.

The second and third encore were SO well done and SO powerful.  It was  incredible.  Killing an Arab was an
obvious highlight.  It is such an  excellent song live.

Watching me Fall- Although I don't really like the album version of this, this is a LIVE song and it sounded great.

Anyway- I went home depressed.  Depressed that this could be the last show I  see of the Cure and depressed it
was such a lousy audience.

Is this the way it always ends?


It seems as though my review has stirred up a few things about the show in Vegas.  Please allow me to clarify
myself.  First of all, I agree it was a GREAT and INCREDIBLE show.  Out of all the shows I've seen, the band
seems to be playing it's best.  Everyone sounded incredible!  The set was incredible!  But you have to realize, this
is the only show I'm going to be able to see this time around.  I wasn't able to get to the front (where it sounds like
most of the Cure fans were). I was more towards the back and from where I was standing, I was surrounded by the
body builder types and the big breasted women who stood kissing and gropping one another throughout the concert.
Not that I complain about gropping and kissing, it just came off as "disgusting" to me.  For me and many of you,
it's a religious pilgrimage when the Cure tours.  Coming to the show very emotional thinking it might be the last
show I ever see, it was upsetting to be surrounded by this.  I was hoping to be in the company of friends and fellow
cure fans.  Instead I was around people who didn't seem to have any idea WHO was playing.  As we walked out the
door of the joint, a guy walking next to me remarked to his girlfriend, "they didn't play one song I knew."

It sounds like I should have been up front.

Review by Kerry

Just got back from Vegas, and what a night!  This was my sixth Cure concert since '92, and was by far the best
performance, not to mention the most emotionally and physically exhausting of all I've seen.  The crowd was even
quite generous (not to mention extremely warm and friendly) in terms of their involvement with the show (to my
surprise, I met about 20 people that night, and not a single one of them were from Vegas.  This was definitely a
fan-based show), which was reflected on the band's overall performance.  Like most other reviews from cities on
this tour, the band seemed to be much happier playing than previous tours, enjoying themselves quite a bit.  I found
Roger to be the most enthusiastic out of the group, smiling at nearly every song, always playing with a look of
ecstasy on his face  quite intense.  Simon was out of my range of view most of the show, but when I could see, he
was kneeling to the floor playing his bass aggressively (especially during Watching Me Fall).
   Because this was a general admission show, people had to fight to find a decent position to the stage.  It was
basically, first person to get to the door to line up was the first to get to the stage.  This was all good and well, but
the line to wait to get inside the Joint was outside, and if you know anything about Las Vegas, late May in the
afternoon is not a pretty sight.  The temperature reached 110 at 4:00 that evening.  Thumbs down to the
organization of the Joint  for making the devout fans wait outside in the scorching heat.  I heard one account that a
few people standing in line passed out.  There was so much room inside the air-conditioned casino to wait.

    In terms of the setlist, I was hoping for a much darker show.  I was quite surprised as how many pop songs were
played (8 as opposed to 5 or 6 at previous shows), and was disappointed in that sense.  The disappointment of the
pop songs were overridden by intense songs like Siamese Twins (probably the most emotional point of the
programme), "M," the Snakepit (always interesting to see "other instruments" used live), and Plainsong.  I hope
to see Faith or Pornography trilogies during the encores in later shows.

    According to reviews from other cities, background visuals were used.  I never once saw one in the Vegas show.
I'm guessing this was due to the relatively small size of the stage, which couldn't allow visuals to be effectively
displayed with all the background equipment.  Also interesting was the fact that tickets were still available the day
of the show.  While standing in line in the 110 degree weather, I spoke to two girls from Vancouver who purchased
tickets that day.  They told me The Joint only allotted about 100 tickets.

    Even though it seems like I'm bitching on, the general performance by the Cure was the best I've seen or heard
since the prayer tour.  This was definitely an emotional and exciting moment for the band, and look forward to their
show in Salt Lake with a great degree of anticipation.

Comments by Shannon & Julie

We saw the cure in vegas last night and it was so great!!!! They were playing their best!!! Robert came to the end
of the stage and someone tossed a Robert Smith doll on stage, Robert picked it up, smiled and made a sad face
mocking the doll, it was just so cute!!! Then he went to the other side of the stage and signed autographs!! It was
just great and the set list rocked!!! It was the best cure show we have gone to!!!! We will see you at the Irvine show