Word Magazine (UK)


"Word magazine in the UK (monthly music and entertainment magazine - www.wordmagazine.co.uk) has a small
interview with Robert in the 'Word Of Mouth' section. Robert is introduced as the "Voice, mind and hair of The
Cure" and the full article is Robert talking about the Music and Books he currently likes. Full transcript is: "

MUSIC: "The best thing I've heard for a while is My Father My King, a 20-minute single by Mogwai. They're
intense, musical, determined, everything a band should be. I first heard them in 1997 and I had to apologise to the
person I was talking to as I realised I wasn't listening to him anymore. Never thought that would ever happen
again! They've created this world with a mystery to it and most importantly, the sense that they're a bunch of
people who want to play this music and are oblivious to anything else. Like hearing Loveless by My Bloody
Valentine - you hear bits of other things but you've never heard that sound before. And I like The Neon
Handshake by Hell Is For Heroes, banging stuff with incredible energy. With most heavy guitar music you can
predict what'll happen next, but I was really surprised by this. It sounds like it's played rather than "constructed".
A lot of music sounds the way it's made, put up on a screen with all it's samples in their little boxes. "

BOOKS: "I've been re-reading some of this stuff I read when I was 19 but didn't feel qualified to form an
opinion on. I read and re-read Sartre's Nausea on tour - fascinating as in the margin were all the notes I'd made
at the time [1978]. I re-read Kafka's Wedding Preparations In The Country And Other Stories and was amazed
how much I'd used in my lyrics. The first line of At Night is straight out of Kafka - "Sunk Deep In The Night". I
always have two books on the go, one that's going to kill me and one that'll make me laugh, so I've been reading
Bill Bryson's Mother Tongue, about the English language."

(Thanks Ian)